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My name is Maureen Caputo and I am the owner and designer of Fabulous Forever Bouquets. Prior to starting FFB company, I was a buyer at TJX for nine years. I left when I became pregnant with my second child due to busy travel schedules and wanting to spend more time with my children. As a buyer my passion was fashion, quality and value. Once I started designing bouquets, I saw how easily that translated to flowers. Each bouquet had itʼs own whimsical theme that made it fabulous. When purchasing flowers from wholesalers, I find the most beautiful flowers with the best quality for the price to pass along the value to my customers. I was always spending money on fresh flowers, then having to throw them away after a week. I then realized the value of silk. I am sure you will find a bouquet in our line for each important event and treasure these keepsakes for years to come.